Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Sister Mary" scene filmed with Brent Corrigan

Whew! It has been a couple of fast and furious past weekends trying to finish up the left over scenes for the feature film I am working on, "Sister Mary". I know, I know your probably like what the heck? "Didn't you start filing that film last Oct!" Yes, sir I did. But it has been complicating trying to work with every one's schedule and the weather so the rest of the filming was pushed back until a few weeks ago.

This push back allowed the time to add 2 new names to our cast list. Bruce Vilanche of "Hollywood Squares" and the National Broadway Tour of "Hairspray" and Brent Corrigan a Falcon porn star, and lets not forget he played a merman in the crazy sequel "Another Gay Sequel!"

I did not have any scenes with Bruce BUT I did have a special scene written by the director and added last minuet to the script for me and Mr. Corrigan:)

But, I'm not leaking any details you'll have to wait til the film is released to see what the scene entailed!

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