Friday, April 15, 2011

Cast in "Cat's Ass Coffee" Online Comercial

Go to: to view!

"And The Call It Puppy Love" Film Wrapped

Back in November of 2010 I was cast in the film "And They Call It Puppy Love" as one of the leads friends, "Brent". I finally filmed my scenes this past February. This film should be out soon.

Finished work on the documentary "For Billy"

Recently I was approached by a friend to audition to play a role in one of her friend's documentaries. So I did and landed the role! I was going to be a part of the "What Would You Do?" portion of the film where I played the film maker's boyfriend. We went to one of the big malls here in IL and walked around holding hands, looking at rings and actins as any in love couple would do except we were two men. The point of that portion of the film was to see how much homophobia is still alive and well in America. The reason for the documentary in response to a letter/email the director got to his film he submitted for the "It Gets Better Project" . The project was basically set up in the light of the recent growth of teen suicides due to bulling and homophobia. The director is from Wheaton,IL and states that "things do get better after highschool" but received this letter/email from "Billy" stating "I'm glad things got better for you but I dont think they will for me". "Billy" was also from Wheaton, IL. So the director traveled back to his old highschool and town to see if things had changed at all since he was gay and coming out. He found they have not. I was very glad to be part of such an important film. For more information you can go to: .

"Alice In Wonderland" and "The Importance of Being Ernest" at Circle

Recently I just finished work on costumes for Circle Theatre's production of "Alice in Wonderland" and wow was that a feat! I think I did a good job with my limited budget and more then 40 kids to costume! My concept was a more modern dark "Alice" like the recent version done by Disney with Johnny Depp. I will post pictures of some of the costumes when I get a chance. Next up is I just started work on the costumes for "The Importance of Being Ernest" set to open in a couple months.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Been A Busy Winter!

So I have been really bad at keeping this upto date and sending out all my regular emails letting people know whats going on with me so heres the low down...

I just finished a wonderful run of the revival of "Wind In the Willows" with City Lit Theatre in Chicago. Here are some of the highlights from the reviews...

"Willows a small wonder...City Lit's revival is an ideal, easily accessible production for family audiences and has undeniable charm for even the most sophisticated adults"-- Chicago Sun Times

"This show is kid friendly and adult proof. It is a fine holiday treat"--

"A revival that spins its tale with inexhaustible grace and charm. Mr. Toad forever!"---Chicago Theatre Blog

I also choreographed a song and dance review at Circle Theatre based on the songs from the hit TV series "Glee!"

Next up I am choreographing "Gypsy" with Summer Place Theatre.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Circle Theatre Presents "The Wedding Singer", and I'm playing the role of "George"

Next up is "The Wedding Singer" at Circle Theatre. This is the musical based on the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore film set in the 80's. Its going to be a great show, and my costumes are CRAZY! I play the Alexis Arquette character "George" the keyboardist in the wedding band the lead character Robbie Hart sings in and the show is centered around. The character is based on Boy George, and I'm having a blast playing him. This is the first time in a long time that I am playing a principal character at Circle again. Im super excited! Hope everyone can make it! Details Below:
Runs Sept 17-Oct 31
Fri and Sat at 8pm
Sun at 3pm
At our NEW location: 1010 Madison in Oak Park.

Call: 708-771-0700 for tickets or visit:

"Annee Pocalypse" At the Chicago Fridge Fest

Some of you might recognize that this show sounds familiar, thats because I did it with Hubris Productions early last year and played the role of "Grace". I also choreographed. The show's script and music have been re-worked and it is now being presented at this year's Chicago Fridge Fest. I am playing the role of "Jackie", one of the whores, this time. I also worked on choreography for it again this go around. Because the music was re-worked with more of an urban/club/music video feel the choreography also had to start from stratch. This was a very different type of show/style that I wasnt 100% comfortable with so I leaned on some Beyonce and Lady GaGa videos to get the right feel, and I think the product is awesome!

Come check it out:

Annee Pocalypse!

Chicago Fringe 201zer0.

Running-a-muck in the Chicago Arts District Gallery: Edinburgh Stage 2003 S. Halsted StreetChicago, IL 60608

Sept. 1st-5th, 201zer0.You've been warned.