Friday, April 15, 2011

Finished work on the documentary "For Billy"

Recently I was approached by a friend to audition to play a role in one of her friend's documentaries. So I did and landed the role! I was going to be a part of the "What Would You Do?" portion of the film where I played the film maker's boyfriend. We went to one of the big malls here in IL and walked around holding hands, looking at rings and actins as any in love couple would do except we were two men. The point of that portion of the film was to see how much homophobia is still alive and well in America. The reason for the documentary in response to a letter/email the director got to his film he submitted for the "It Gets Better Project" . The project was basically set up in the light of the recent growth of teen suicides due to bulling and homophobia. The director is from Wheaton,IL and states that "things do get better after highschool" but received this letter/email from "Billy" stating "I'm glad things got better for you but I dont think they will for me". "Billy" was also from Wheaton, IL. So the director traveled back to his old highschool and town to see if things had changed at all since he was gay and coming out. He found they have not. I was very glad to be part of such an important film. For more information you can go to: .

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