Friday, September 3, 2010

"Annee Pocalypse" At the Chicago Fridge Fest

Some of you might recognize that this show sounds familiar, thats because I did it with Hubris Productions early last year and played the role of "Grace". I also choreographed. The show's script and music have been re-worked and it is now being presented at this year's Chicago Fridge Fest. I am playing the role of "Jackie", one of the whores, this time. I also worked on choreography for it again this go around. Because the music was re-worked with more of an urban/club/music video feel the choreography also had to start from stratch. This was a very different type of show/style that I wasnt 100% comfortable with so I leaned on some Beyonce and Lady GaGa videos to get the right feel, and I think the product is awesome!

Come check it out:

Annee Pocalypse!

Chicago Fringe 201zer0.

Running-a-muck in the Chicago Arts District Gallery: Edinburgh Stage 2003 S. Halsted StreetChicago, IL 60608

Sept. 1st-5th, 201zer0.You've been warned.

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