Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy at Circle This Summer: Costuming "Ragtime" and Choreographing "Annie"

It's been a crazy busy summer and I haven't had a chance to update my blog with what I have been upto. I recently did the costumes for Circle's "Ragtime" as well as the choreography for Circle's summer production of "Annie". Things have been crazy because we had a HUGE flood where we lost 75% of our costumes in the basement. I was downstairs in my Hunter boots wading through trying to save the really good stuff. We managed to save stuff that had been built or just purchased so that was a good thing. In the end it made things alot easier on me with deciding what we could take with us to the new space. We are leaving our old home at 7300 W Madison in Forest Park and moving for a year to 1010 W. Madison in Oak Park, where Village Players use to be. Its a much bigger space and will help with some of our bills. Im excited. The first show in our new space will be "The Wedding Singer"

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