Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chicago Free Press Reviews "Annee Pocalypse"

‘Annee Pocalypse’
Written by Jason Dabrowski, Calidonia Olivares, Jacob Christopher Green
Showing: Hydrate, 3458 N. Halsted, through Oct. 24.
Tickets: $10
Contact: (800) 838-3006;

Reviewed By Brian Kirst
CFP Contributor

Throw Andrea McArdle, George Romero and Chi Chi LaRue into a blender and you’d be lucky if you get something as outrageous and sick with fun as Hubris Productions’ “Annee Pocalypse.” Taking lowbrow to desperate depths, Hubris distorts Charles Strouse & Martin Charnin’s melodies from the beloved musical “Annie” into pornographically specific filth strewn delights.

After being blinded and nearly ‘Nair-ed’ by an atomic blast, Hubris’ (barely red) Annee finds herself in the employ of Mistress Flanigan, a post apocalyptic madame. Eventually escaping Flannigan’s sweaty clutches, Annee is soon found on the street by porn magnate Daddy Starbucks’ faithful, psychotic secretary, Grace. Soon Annee is blazingly happy, regularly performing outrageous sexual acts in a world of helpful zombies, dead dogs and leather swings. But, do money hungry Flannigan and jealous hooker Muffy have the power to destroy Annee’s new, frequently pulsating world?

While smartly bashing Republicans and former president Bush (he’s the reason for the mass destruction), director Jason Dabrowski’s obviously glee ridden direction is full of musical snap and some tart comic timing from lead performers Ariel Trocino (Annee), Calidonia Olivares (Mistress Flanigan), Jacob Christopher Green (Muffy) and Shawn Quinlan’s sexy, puppet loving Grace Feral.

While Trocino is buxomly adorable, in this age of filmic undead babies (the recent, powerful “Grace” and the upcoming “Zombieland”), it is the lumbering and loveable undead troop (highlighted by the shining Patricia Moy) that may truly steal modern, joyful audience’s hearts city-wide. Indeed, Hubris’ disgustingly fun “Annee Pocalypse” should truly able to spread a widespread infection of fun before its run is through this fall.

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