Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reviews of "A Chorus Line"

"The theater is in what used to be perhaps two storefronts joined together. Even so, the stage is not wide enough for a kick line of the whole cast. But with talented choreography and direction, this shortcoming was not noticed by the audience. Without an orchestra pit, the front seats were more intimate with the stage than in a "legit" theater. adding to the enjoyment for us."

-Weisun C.'s Review, YELP.com

"All 23 performers belt, hoof, and emote their hearts out in this enthusiastic production of Michael Bennett's 1975 musical about dancers auditioning for a Broadway show. Shawn Quinlan's cast are easy to love..."

-Laura Molzahn, Chicago Reader

"Shawn Quinlan directs the perennial tale of 17 auditioning dancers and what they did for love."

-Time Out Chicago

"An excellent group of dancers pulling off an incredibly tough show. The vocals hold up well which is not often the case in dance shows. This production may not be the Marriott, but it gets awfully close. Very impressed and will recommend to my other theater friends. Bravo."

-Chicago Reader

"Under the fast-paced, carefully orchestrated direction and choreography of Shawn Quinlan, his 19-member cast dazzles from start to finish"

-Oak Park Oak Leaves

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